After the death of actor sushant singh rajput, who was mentally tortured, highlights the fact that in India, the government, society and people are falsely labelling the torture victims as having mental health problems, when actually hitech wireless torture techniques are used. These torture techniques can be easily explained scientifically by someone who is a trained and experienced electrical engineer, yet due to the lack of scientific temper, almost no one in India listens to engineers, everyone blindly believes the complete lies of CHARMING LIARS
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After the death of actor sushant singh rajput, who was mentally tortured, the domain investor has decided to document the hitech torture techniques which are used extensively on indian citizens, the motivation for doing so. More than a month after the actors death, it is widely discussed because many people from the kshatriya and dalit communities are also facing similar mental torture and discrimination problems with no one to help them. In the book "Private Life of an Indian Prince" Mulk Raj Anand describes how bania and brahmins combine to get the kshatriya ruler declared mentally unsound, and 70 years later, conditions have not greatly changed in India, only technologies

The domain investor has been contacted by many people, mainly young men who are victims of organized stalking for help and detailed information is provided after extensive research so that torture victims deal with their mental torture in the best way possible , and do not waste their money on medications. How the indian government is giving permanent raw/cbi jobs to the SUGAR BABIES of top ntro/raw employees with fake resumes, fake investment, fake computer work and is falsely claiming that they own this website, in a clear case of financial fraud.
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Hitech torture techniques, targetted individuals, gang stalking, organized stalking, hearing voices, technology used
Sushant Singh Rajput mental torture case
Other victims of mental torture
Background for research
Hearing voices reason
Memory robbery to steal information
Betrayal , faking help
Humiliation, insulting, belittling
Isolation, boycott, no work
Mental health, defamation
Motivation for mental torture


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The details are provided only for reference, and can be removed on request if anyone is objecting. The domain can be purchased, paying the market price, please send an email to The indian government is also wasting Rs 4 crore of indian taxpayer money annually since 2010 for the forcing the domain investor, a harmless private citizen, to agree to identity theft, in a clear case of HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, ROBBERY. It is also falsely claiming that various raw/cbi employees who did not study engineering,did not work as engineers, do not spend any money on domains, own this and other domains of the domain investor in a clear case of banking fraud

NTRO and other indian government agencies have committed crimes under section 390,411 of the indian penal code ROBBING the real domain investor since 2010. The indian government is only paying lip service to ending corruption, nepotism, in reality it flourishes, and anyone who complains will find that their website is banned. This website along with is not accessible using Indian ISPs in India, and it is developed so that people are aware of the FINANCIAL, BANKING FRAUD on the real domain investor since 2010.

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